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2. Party on, Dudes
3. Don't Pee in my Sink
4. No Fat Chicks
5. You Cannot Nominate Yourself as an Officer

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Forgot my lunch today

No worries. Still had a good day.
So far at least.

It's my girlfriend's birthday and I have yet to get her anything.
I have homework due and I have yet to do it.

You know what they say-

In other news, there's plenty of things I have been up to: like sleeping, playing frisbee and eating.

"Play frisbee everyday"

Off to get some work done in any fashion.
But I leave with a question!

Would you rather go bald and have lots of body hair, or have too much facial hair and zero body hair?


  1. Lots of facial hair and zero body hair anyday. I find my lack of a beard disturbing. Plus I don't want to ever go bald.

  2. You can shave off excess facial hair more easily than body hair so guess which one I'm going for.

  3. Wow, that's tough, I don't want either & haven't got either looool, if I had to choose, body I guess, cause like Tony said, you can shave it, & facial hair on a chick's soooo not a good look ;) Cheers for the comment too ^_^ Following

  4. dude
    my GFs birthday TOMORROW
    and i have nohthing :(

  5. biggie is where its at
    :) ill be following

  6. I'd like to be hairy like a gorilla and have super strength to go with it, why do you ask?

  7. wait, what???? LOL!!! I don't want to be bald or have body hair, so that eliminates the first one... hahhaa

  8. Yeah, would have to say would prefer too much facial hair. Unless I'm living in Alaska, in which case the body hair?

  9. I have hair everywhere!!

  10. I would prefer facial hair and no body hair, because you can customize facial hair, which can actually look good depending on your looks and the cut.
    But body hair? Na-na-na-na-na. That's gross.

  11. facial hair FTW. Body hair is just...well, you're screwed!

  12. I have hardly any hair, other than the stuff on my head.

  13. Too much facial hair is preferable.

  14. Well, you can just shave off facial hair, so that's just a minor nuisance... being bald is frowned upon in our that's an easy choice.

  15. frisbee in the winter? what... do your girlfriend tomorow :)

  16. You can never have too much facial hair!

  17. Get your girlfriend a giftcard for a blowjob. When she gets confused, tell her she should be grateful and honored you allow her nasty mouth near the pride of your family.

    If she's not impressed, get a new girlfriend.

    1. I feel like this won't work as well as I want it to.

  18. I've only seen couple of the senior memes lol but that one is good.

  19. There is no such thing as "too much facial hair."

  20. love that saying - not heard it before


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