The Rules

1. Be Excellent to Eachother
2. Party on, Dudes
3. Don't Pee in my Sink
4. No Fat Chicks
5. You Cannot Nominate Yourself as an Officer

Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Midsummer Day's Update

Summer's winding down. But I've been having a great time.

I went to summer camp in the beautiful northern California forest, and saw my friends there that I've loved since we were tiny kids.

I spent time with my best friend (we met at that camp, actually), and we hung out for a couple of weeks at each other's places, but now we're apart.
Good news, though. We're hanging out again at yet another camp. I'm aged out of these camps, so this will be the last time I can go to one, and I figured I'd make it count.

I attended a nationally renowned jazz workshop, lasting two weeks, so that I could play my musics and be with other, phenomenal musicians (as for me, I'm pretty average).

We went to Santa Cruz and saw more friends, went to the beach, and came back to keep partying.

I've been playing ultimate frisbee like it's nothing, lately. It's kind of a strong hobby this Summer.
I can't wait for tomorrow, when I leave. I'm getting laundry done.. I haven't even unpacked from last week.

As for school? Man. That can really wait. Please hang on as long as you can, school. Summer's been killer.

Party on dudes. And make sure to be excellent to each other.