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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Kicking the Habit

Do you have tendencies or habits that aren't healthy?

I sure do. I spit.

Shit's nasty.

I started spitting when I was 8 years old. I played baseball at the local Little League and played in tournaments and all-star teams and such.

Baseball is a dry, dry sport. There's dirt and chalk all over the place, and dust gets kicked up. You get thirsty, and it gets hot out there, in 50/50 cotton-polyester pants and a mesh jersey. It's even hot to me today.

That's when I started spitting-- as a tiny little baseball player.
I used to eat sunflower seeds like they were vital for life. I couldn't get enough of them.
But sunflower seeds need to be spit out after you get the shell separated.
So I spat that shit out.
One thing led to another and I was spitting so much, my mouth was always dry.

What's the best thing to do when your mouth feels uncomfortable?
Spit more.

You see where this is going?

Now I spit all over the place. Not around ladies, as best as I can, but I just spit on accident anyways.
After I pee, walking by a trash can, playing baseball, whatever.

"Shit's nasty."

Yes. Shit's nasty.

That's my bad habit. That and nailbiting. Whatever. 

I'm going to stop spitting. I'll take it one day at a time and hopefully, kick it. 

What are your bad habits? 


  1. Stopped biting my nails about 3 years ago, but after doing it for ~12 years my fingers were already too messed up to go back to normal, probably the worst thing I've ever done. It also gave my really bad teeth.. so yeah, really wish I never did that.

  2. If you can count it, I don't think before I speak. I say a lot of shit that shouldn't be said.

  3. I swear a lot. Which isn't really that bad, I can tone it down and not do it when others are around, but I really am a horrifyingly foul-mouthed person.

  4. I tent to be blunt a lot and looking like an ass without meaning to. I used to bite nails also. I cuss a lot still. I dont mind but some people find it really vulgar. I used to grind my teeth when younger but i kicked that habit away.

  5. i have a few bad habits and i bet everybody does, i am a smoker :x

  6. You are good in spitting. You should move to India. Spitting is religion there and national game.
    And one good thing about vice is it keeps your head from exploding. Yes, it does releive stress and helps you to relax.
    As long as you make sure that you have people whom you really hate in your spitting area you are good with that.
    Dont ask me whose picture I have in my bedpan. :)

  7. I better don't tell mine. ;)

  8. I can't condone littering by spitting sunflower seed shells.

  9. I get a lot of phlegm and hawk it all over the place but usually when I'm alone.....

  10. I have phlegm/mucus like Lurker...and hawk it up all the time =/

  11. I tend to write walls of text in the comment field. Most of the time it doesn't even deal with the post. That's a pretty bad habit, I guess.

    And I always spit before I pee, just in case a strand stretches so far that it connects the liquid in the bowl to my lip.

  12. I'm an internet addict, who wants to be left alone but begs for company once he's alone. Yep, I'm a regular teenager with issues.

  13. Come to think of it, no, I do not have any habits. If I'd try really hard to think of one, it would be constantly checking what I know - but then again, is that a habit to really kick?

  14. that is nasty, but i'm glad you're getting rid of it.

  15. I had a friend that spat a lot. He would even accidentally do it out of habit in stores.

    I would say my bad habits are my procrastinating and snacking when im bored lol.

  16. Interesting, mine is probably extreme procrastination.

  17. I'd have to say that mine are, biting my fingers (not my nails) & too much of certain things on the net :/

  18. you got a new follower,,, good post. me ? i love all my habits, apart from smoking. i could do without that.

  19. i spit a bit too
    not as much as all the smokers i know
    shits nasty y'all

  20. Thanks for the lovely comment, I'm glad you liked the photos. Right now a temperate, sunny climate sounds like a dream. It has been bitterly cold here in England, but today it snowed so it's all good. Bad habit - I say sorry like it's a nervous tic. xxx

  21. I persist with jokes that aren't funny.

    Surely every joke has an audience?

    The answer is no.

  22. I never thought I would read a post, dedicated entirely to spitting haha.

    I don't have habits. I have addictions. And I pretty much get addicted to anything I do, and enjoy. I also have OCD, so I guess I can be pretty annoying too!

    GM x

  23. I cuss so much that I have to constantly make up new and increasingly worse things to say for it to have the same effect. Which is pretty bad when you work with kids.

  24. As far as bad habits go its fair from the worst.

  25. People say that smoking is a nasty habit, but I disagree. I know I am right. I quit that sexy habit two months ago.

  26. My bad habits would be slouching. I slouch a lot.

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