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Sunday, April 3, 2011

I cannot fathom

You’re not making anything easier. You’re setting me up for failure by doing nothing, honest to God, you know? 
There is a language, probably one of the most complicated on the planet, and for some reason is the most widely spoken as well.
Well, complicated languages don’t also mean complicated people that speak them although they’d like to think so.
I have this teacher, that allegedly teaches English part time and condemns students full time. 
There’s no process more impractical than the one she specializes in, no fire less cold or a method to her madness. It’s more of a delusion of helping us build character and follow the rules; peculiar when you recall the only point she boasts is hosting amazing discussions about rebellion and thinking for yourself, and standing up to have a voice. She worships the Indians during colonization and can’t seem to stop squirming when the soap box throws her in the air to rip on censorship in America.
But use your voice with her! Or, try to— you have no voice because she cannot hear, she is too busy explaining why you are nothing to be proud of. 
It is character assault. 
She will not assist you— she is incapable of rational thought, I’ve determined— yet she will speak instead so you can feel the condescension burn your skin. 
She will not help you because she wants to see a student pass by only their means and methods, to teach by not teaching and what the most important lesson you get from this year is not the material but getting the grade and not letting the door hit your behind on the way out.
I’d love to recommend teaching honors where 90% of the students don’t cut class every day and maintain a rock solid 2.0; and if you don’t have higher than C’s, she’ll fix that (have no fear) to let your know what failure feels like.
This woman is why this year will be such a struggle! 
I was convinced that I wasn’t doing anything right and then I remembered that I’m not the lackadaisical smart-ass she thinks I am and made sure to mention.


  1. Hey did you know that some people are making a new language an earthling language ?

  2. Interesting to read your blog :)

  3. I like it. very insightful

  4. I've had a few teachers like that - send her a link to this...

  5. I hate getting a bad teacher, it just ruins the whole experience and you can't learn.


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